Case Analysis: The Casey Anthony / Caylee Anthony Trial This case involved the death of a two year o

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Case Analysis: The Casey Anthony / Caylee Anthony Trial

This case involved the death of a two year old child named Caylee Anthony who lived in Orlando, Florida. In 2008, the child was reported missing, and her mother, Casey Anthony, was charged with murder before the ultimate discovery of the childs body later that year. The State sought the death penalty. The resulting trial in 2011, lasted six weeks, and gathered a tremendous amount of media attention, as it was televised live and included many interesting witnesses in this largely circumstantial case. Casey Anthony was ultimately found not guilty by a jury. ()


Defense Closing Arguments

States Closing Arguments


Assignment Requirements:

Using the information provided in above hyperlinks about the Casey Anthony trial, complete the following assignment. Write a complete 4-5 pages paper and Structure your paper as follows: Introduction Give a brief explanation of the burden of proof, which is proof beyond a reasonable doubt in a criminal prosecution. Give a brief explanation of prima facie. Give a brief explanation of the applicable code the prosecution was brought under. Give a brief explanation of why the Simpson trial was so pivotal to the prosecution of crimes in the United States. Opening Statements Which attorney was most persuasive? Which attorney gave the jury more significant facts to consider?

III. Establishing/Challenging a Prima Facie Case for Murder Name one key witness who helped establish a prima facie case of homicide for the prosecution or challenged a prima facie case for the defense, and explain why he or she helped or hurt the prosecution of the case. Evidence What other evidence (than testimony) was significant in establishing or challenging a prima facie case of murder? Closing Arguments Describe why one was more persuasive than the other, and how the jury would have been persuaded one way or the other based on the closing statements. Outside Factors Are there any other outside factors, other than those listed in the book that affected this case? (e.g., the media, society) Why do you think this is such a divisive case in the United States?

VII. Concluding thoughts As a budding criminal justice scholar, discuss briefly why this case is important to the study of criminal justice and criminal prosecution, and how reading primary documentation about it has changed your own perspective on the case.

Format Requirements Paper must have complete 4-5 pages length (excluding title and reference page. Note: NO half page length is allowed.) Your paper must be structured as per above assignment requirements. Must provide through analysis on each part. Must use all provided source in reference and cited in APA format

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