details: This assignment requires the writer to have read and understand either the book “Lame

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This assignment requires the writer to have read and understand either the book “Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions” or “Stealing Buddha's Dinner” to be a successful writing. Some quotes or references from the book will be absolutely perfect.


The Guideline is pasted below:


Choose either Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions, or Stealing Buddha's Dinner as your main focus. What does this book reveal about the experience of being religiously and ethnically 'other' in America? How does the book, or people in it, challenge and/or support existing American mythological narratives (e.g., 'the American dream', America

as a 'Christian nation,' 'liberty and justice for all,' etc.) and what is the role of religion in this?


Your essay must also bring in corroborating and/or comparative examples from our other readings and class

materials on African American and Latino/a American religions (e.g. the readings from Raboteau, Smith, Griffith and Elizondo). You may also include examples from the other book you did not choose as your main focus (e.g., if you focus on LDSV, you may use comparative examples from SBD). Throughout your paper, you should demonstrate sophisticated understanding and usage of key Religious Studies concepts (e.g., 'myth,' 'ritual,' 'communitas,' etc.) from the lectures, films, and theoretical readings (e.g., Livingston, McGuire) to support your points as appropriate.

This final paper is not a 'research paper' in the sense that you do not need to utilize sources outside of class materials. Rather, the assignment challenges you to write a 'critical analysis' essay, in which you should demonstrate your critical engagement with the class as a whole, and your ability to synthesize and express this engagement in your writing. Your essay should be not less than 5 full pages in length, in 12-point Times New Roman font, with 1 inch margins all around. Parenthetical citation format is fine; for example: (Raboteau 52) or (LDSV 25). You do not need a works cited page unless you cite sources outside of the class readings. You do not need a header (only your name on page 1). Your essay should be written in a standard 'five paragraph essay format.' This does not mean that your essay will be exactly five paragraphs long (it should be longer), but that you will follow a format that includes:

1. An Introduction with a strong and clearly identifiable thesis (or theses) that lays out your basic answers 

to the questions above.

2. Body paragraphs that clearly bear out your thesis (or theses), providing clear evidence from the readings 

(with supporting examples and points from the lectures, films, and other course materials).

3. A Conclusion that restates your major thesis points and themes of your body paragraphs in a way that 

clearly brings out for the reader what you have accomplished throughout the essay and brings it to a 

polished finish.

Writing Tips:

1. Talk with your Teaching Assistant during office hours early in the quarter to discuss ideas for your paper and ask

questions to ensure you are on the right track.

2. Be very attentive to the class plagiarism policy as stated in the syllabus. Plagiarism is representing another person's

work as your own (even if it is unintentional), either by copying and pasting, quoting without giving a citation, or

simply utilizing someone else's ideas without giving them credit. For more information about plagiarism, view this site:

3. You should have a strong and easily identifiable thesis, which is then visibly borne out in the body of your paper and reaffirmed in your conclusion.

4. Back up all of your points with evidence drawn from materials covered in class, but do not simply reproduce

quotes at length or form a paper from a string of quotes. Your assignment is to demonstrate that you have been

critically engaged with the class as a whole, especially engaged with the book you are choosing to focus on, and able to synthesize and express your engagement with the class materials in your writing.

5. Edit and re-edit your writing! Never turn in a 'first draft'! Significant problems with spelling, grammar, sentence structure, etc. will start to undermine your writing and lower you

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