1.About the Virtual Organisation a. Organisation Name and Profile.b.Narrate the benefits of adopting

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1.About the Virtual Organisation
 a. Organisation Name and Profile.b.Narrate the benefits of adopting the Virtual process.

Virtual organization is kind of business whereby all its employees are located all over different regions of the world performing different tasks. All employees normally communicate through the emails, fax and instant messaging. There are two mainly characteristics of virtual organizations. First, they tend to rely on teams and second, they normally have a fluid structure. An example of an organization adopting the system of virtue organization is British Telecom. British Telecom is based in United Kingdom and it is the largest company whereby it deals with telecommunication services all over the world.

The diagram below describes functionality virtual organization.

Moreover, there are benefits which comes with the process of virtualization to the organization. To begin with, there is always reduced spending because the process requires few servers and extends the lifecycle of current hardware. The process is always accompanied by reduced energy cost which is an advantage to the business (Duarte & Snyder, 2013). Second, there is better business continuity because of increased mobile personnel hence this leads to essential business continuity. Lastly, the process lead to more efficient IT operation within the business. For example, the work of IT technician becomes easy because the virtualization eases the installing and maintaining software and maintain a secure network.

Q I need the (Advantages of adopting virtual of the organization )


4.Compare your organization with other similar business Virtual Organization’s Implementations.

I chose Aventis Company as to compare it with British Telecom which I have described above. Aventis merged with Sanofi-Synthélabo in back 2004 as a major inventive pharmaceutical business. Its main functions are the discovery, expansion and marketing of proprietary medicament drugs and animal health foodstuffs. Its headquarters is in France and it has a Global coverage of about 170 countries (Thurow, 2013). Aventis also it supports the World Trade Organization (WTO) contract on intelligent property defense, which includes the safeguards to protected contact to medics in the case of crucial public health essentials. The company also uses the system of virtual operations whereby its staffs use online platforms and also instant messages while running the business.

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