THIS IS A TWO PART ASSIGNMENT 1st part Is a personal reflection 2nd part is an Analysis and Evaluati

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1st part Is a personal reflection

2nd part is an Analysis and Evaluation

Please split the word count between the two parts and use UK english too when writing as I live in London Assessment Outline

This assignment requires you to do the following:

1. Critically reflect on your own experience of leadership and suggest areas for your own development, including an Action Plan (1500 words). Addresses learning outcome 4 and 6.

2. Use leadership theory and concepts in the analysis and evaluation of the leadership of Jeff Bezos CEO of Amazon (1500 words). Addresses learning outcomes 1,2,3,5

Part one

You are advised to focus on one or two specific experiences of leadership either where you were in a leadership role, or where you could observe leadership in action even if you were not a leader. These experiences might be drawn from your work experience or from other experience (voluntary work, student experience in working in a group, parenting, sport or other leisure activities). The experience should be one where you were an active participant. You should briefly describe the situation and evaluate the leadership process using relevant theory and concepts drawn from the academic literature on leadership. You should reflect on what the leadership experience taught you about your own leadership style and how you need to develop. In suggesting areas for your own development you should focus on skills or attributes that you think you need to develop, based on analysis of the experience. You should situate this reflection within the concepts and theory discussed in class and/or through your reading for the module. As an appendix you should attach a development plan to provide concrete evidence of how you have sought to improve your leadership.

Part two

The second part of the assignment requires you to critically evaluate the leadership of Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon. You should consider the effectiveness of Bezos leadership qualities from the perspectives of the leadership theories explored on the module. Your essay could consider the following theories; trait and behavioural theories, situational and contingency theory, transformational and transactional leadership, distributed leadership, ethical leadership and critical leadership perspectives.

You should read widely on theories of leadership, styles of leadership and critical leadership, and apply these critically to Jeff Bezos. You should also incorporate a regard for the ethics of leadership. Sources relating Bezoss leadership style are available on this Moodle Page. It is important you read these in-depth in the context of the leadership theories we are exploring on the module so that you can form your own argument in relation to how theories of leadership apply to his leadership

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