Which areas/cities in the U.S. has experienced a significant economic slowdown and… 1 answer below »

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1) Which areas/cities in the U.S. has experienced a significant economic slowdown and outmigration in the last decades? Provide detailed information on location, timeline and dynamics of change: for specific sectors, identify what were the likely drivers of slowdown and for outmigration, identify the demographic composition of those who left and who stayed, with some discussion about the destination of the migrants. (25%)

2) Place-based policies (e.g., reviving economic activity in a town/region/state) may suggest economic redistribution from rich / high population density areas towards poor / low population density areas (e.g., tax incentives and/or greater provision of publicly provided services and infrastructure spending per capita). In contrast, people-based policies may accelerate economic deterioration of lagging areas (e.g., equal per capita public spending could put lagging areas at a significant disadvantage as provision of public services are more costly there). What does the academic literature say about addressing economic challenges faced by lagging regions? (25%)

3) Which government programs have been implemented to help the communities you discussed in Q1? How successful were those programs? (25%)

4) What government policy on lagging regions and internal migration provides society the most long-term economic net gains? (The answer to this question is your main argument in the paper.)

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