Learn more about the company and industry in a more formal manner. Do this visiting and exploring th

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Learn more about the company and industry in a more formal manner. Do this visiting and
exploring the company website and perusing news stories about the company and industry
using a keyword driven news aggregator such as Google News http://news.google.com.au.
5) Revisit the video clips that describe the Issue and its Cause facing the interviewee. Formulate
in your own words, the challenge facing the interviewee and why it is important.
NOTE: In multimedia cases the interviewee determines the focus of this style of case and not
all the information needed to solve the case is provided. As a result the process of
‘search’ starts to become critical at this stage.
6) With this in mind, how would you know if a solution to the challenge presented is a good
one? Put yourself in his or her shoes. On what basis would you assess it if you were the
interviewee? You may want to consider identifying more than one criterion with each having
two extremes of outcomes such as dangerous and safe or hot and cold or wet and dry. For each
criterion which outcome would be least favourable and which would be most favourable?
Which outcome might simply be acceptable? Where would you look for an answer? Is it online
or in a library database? Is it part of an important theory or analytic framework? Who may
have made decisions similar to this before?
The real issue is how best to frame a new array of skills that students have
gained in an online environment independent of universities and bring those
skills to …the life of ideas. (Doty, 2002: 648).
7) Once you have figured how to determine or judge whether one solution is better than
another, it is time to look for different alternatives. Consider creating at least three and
consider the context. Is it a small company with limited financial resource or is a large
multinational corporation? Once again, where would you look for possible answers? Is an
answer ‘out there online’ or is it a matter of throwing ideas off one another? Can one or more
reasonable alternatives be created or discovered searching online or through a library? Can an
answer be found using Google or Wikipedia or You Tube or a news aggregator? Or does it
involve number crunching?
8)Once alternatives are created or discovered, the next important step is to choose a solution.
The basis of the choice should be the criteria noted above. Explain why these criteria point you
to one solution. Also explain why you did not choose the other alternatives.
9) Suggest a number of steps to help the company implement the solutions.6

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