Penn Foster Residential Electrician Exam # 00602202 i wantanswer bellow question 1. An air-condition

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Penn Foster Residential Electrician Exam # 00602202 i wantanswer bellow question

1. An air-conditioning system’s automatic controller might directlycontrol the
A. motor of a large condenser fan.
B. thermostat’s setpoint temperature.
C. conversion of pneumatic energy to hydraulic signal pressure.
D. sensitivity of the ladder logic.

2. In proportional control, the controller’s output is constant andequal to 1.5. If the controller’s proportional gain is 0.8, thesetpoint temperature is 75째F, and the actual temperature is 72째F,find the controller’s output.
A. 2.1
B. 3.9
C. 5.3
D. 15.2

3. The primary energy source that operates a building’s airconditioning controller is typically electric, pneumatic, or
A. thermostatic.
B. passive.
C. electronic.
D. hydraulic.

4. Proportional plus integral control provides the followingenhancement over proportional control only.
A. Elimination of offset
B. Reduced gain
C. Increased gain
D. Simplicity of installation

5. In a residential air-conditioning system, the component that’sdriven by electrical power while increasing the pressure of therefrigerant is a(n)
A. evaporator.
B. condenser.
C. compressor.
D. expansion valve.

6. A pilot light is typically wired in series with a _______ toindicate whether the fan is moving air.
A. thermostat
B. thermal overload
C. auxiliary contact
D. flow switch

7. Pneumatic controls use _______ for transmitting control signalsand for operating pneumatic actuators.
A. steam
B. compressed air
C. electricity
D. electronic signals

8. A cooling and heating system uses two ducts, one that carrieshot air and one that carries cool air. The airflow from the ductsmeet in a mixing chamber. The device that actually sets the amountof air leaving each duct is the
A. unit ventilator.
B. fan-coil valve.
C. mixing contactor.
D. damper motor.

9. A homeowner wants his hydronic system checked. To do this,you’ll enter the basement to inspect a
A. boiler and chiller.
B. boiler only.
C. chiller only.
D. furnace.

10. During ______ control action, a valve’s position changescontinuously to achieve the desired setpoint.
A. on-off
B. modulating
C. two-position
D. proportional

11. In a residence, the control of a room’s baseboard electricresistance heating system would be accomplished automatically usinga
A. wall-mounted pressure sensor.
B. duct-mounted thermostat.
C. wall-mounted humidity sensor.
D. wall-mounted thermostat.

12. Which of the following wouldn’t be pictured on a fan motor’sladder logic diagram?
A. Auxiliary contacts
B. Push-button control
C. Load contacts
D. Mixing chamber

13. You’ve been asked to inspect the heating, cooling, andventilation systems in a large commercial building. The ventilationpart of the system distributes _______ throughout the building.
A. hot water
B. chilled water
C. fresh air
D. return air

14. In the system you’re inspecting, the damper motor isn’tworking. You decide to see if the damper-position sensor is sendingthe proper signal to the _______, which then signals the dampermotor.
A. ductwork
B. heating coil
C. energy source
D. controller

15. After the furnace chamber becomes warm in a residentialforced-air heating and cooling unit, the following actionoccurs.
A. The fan switch turns on the fan to circulate the heated airthrough the ducts.
B. The heating-coil valve in the duct is opened.
C. The cooling-coil valve in the duct is opened.
D. The thermostat opens the zone damper.

16. Piping within a hydronic heating system carries
A. chemicals.
B. hot water.
C. conditioned air.
D. Freon.

17. A(n) _______ is a type of device that measures characteristicssuch as air pressure or air velocity.
A. auxiliary contact
B. ventilation controller
C. thermostat
D. sensor

18. You can expect a control system within a building to turnmechanical devices on and off and to adjust
A. the output of mechanical devices.
B. the primary source of power.
C. settings when devices fail.
D. the level of noise.

19. A type of heating and air conditioning system that relies onlyon heated or cooled water to adjust the air temperature is known asa _______ system.
A. wet
B. hydronic
C. hydraulically controlled
D. feedback

20. A valve on the supply line of a heating coil is typicallycontrolled by sensing the
A. capillary-tube pressure.
B. bimetallic element position.
C. room’s temperature.
D. damper position.

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