You require to take two research papers of that topic and make a small report on those two… 1 answer below »

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Submission Guidelines:

All submissions are to be submitted through turn-it-in. Drop-boxes linked to turn-it-in will be

set up in the Unit of Study Moodle account. Assignments not submitted through these drop

boxes will not be considered.

Submissions must be made by the due date and time.

The turn-it-in similarity score will be used in determining the level if any of plagiarism. Turn

it-in will check conference web-sites, Journal articles, the Web and your own class member

submissions for plagiarism. You can see your turn-it-in similarity score when you submit your

assignment to the appropriate drop-box. If this is a concern you will have a chance to change

your assignment and re-submit. However, re-submission is only allowed prior to the

submission due date and time. After the due date and time have elapsed you cannot make

re-submissions and you will have to live with the similarity score as there will be no chance

for changing. Thus, plan early and submit early to take advantage of this feature. You can

make multiple submissions, but please remember we only see the last submission, and the

date and time you submitted will be taken from that submission.

Your document should be a single word or pdf document containing your report.

This research study requires in-depth reading and analysis of a single specific topic. This one topic can be of your choice, but the topic must have been covered in this course.

You require to take two research papers of that topic and make a small report on those two research papers which should contain the following: • Introduction to the topic • Introduction to those two papers, their main work. • Detail description of the methodologies employed in those two papers. • Comparison of the results reported in those two papers with each other. • Your comments on the advantages/disadvantages/superiority of those two papers. • Suggest your changes/future-directions for those two papers to improve them (if any). • Conclusion. • References.

The two papers you need to choose should be published works in well-reputed Journals or Conferences.

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