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  1. Produce a description of the modules you have studied so far on this degree in an HTML5 file and an external CSS file that will display the following features:
    • One or more headlines and a number of paragraphs
    • An unordered list
    • An ordered list
    • Links to Web sites you found of interest in previous modules
    • An image other than the one in the Lecture Notes
    • Styling produced by CSS
    • HTML5 comments and CSS comments in the respective files explaining some aspect of the code you have used

    Both the HTML5 and CSS files should be checked using the relevant W3C Validator, and the HTML5 should comply with the XHTML rules listed in this week’s Lecture Notes.

    While all students are expected to meet the above requirements, some may wish to exceed these requirements in order to challenge for the highest grades.

  2. Provide a brief description within comment tags at the bottom of your HTML5 file of some of the ways you have separated content and presentation in your assignment.
  3. Zip your HTML5 and CSS files together into one archive or zipped file prior to submission. Include your name in the filename.

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