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Creating a microsoft access database.

You are asked by a local high school administrator to create a student-instructor-parent (SIP) database for their after-school program. Follow the steps to create SIP database –

1)Create a relational database using MS Access.

2)Save the database as SIP_YourLastName

3)Create first table and name it Parents and include the following six (6) fields –

PID (primary key made up of first letter of the parent first name and complete last name, e.g. John Doe’s ID will be jdoe)

FName for parent first name

LName for parent last name

Email for parent email address (e.g.

HPhone for parent home phone number (e.g. 703-444-5656)

MPhone for parent mobile number (703-232-2343)

4)Create a second table and name it Instructors and include the following six (6) fields –

IID (primary key made up of first letter of the Instructor first name and last name)

FName for Instructor first name

LName for Instructor last name

Email for Instructor email address

School for school name where the instructor comes to teach students

URL for school website where the instructor is originally from

5)Create a third table and name it Students and include following seven (7) fields in it –

SID (primary key made up of first letter of the student name and last name)

FName for student first name

LName for student last name

DOB for student date of birth (e.g. Feb 10, 2001)

Grade (e.g. 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th)

MID (foreign key Instructor ID from Instructors table)

PID (foreign key Parent ID from Parents table)

6)Populate all three tables with fictitious data. Each table should have at least eight (8) records (rows). Every student has a parent in the parents table and an instructor from the Instructors table. One student can have only one parent, but can have more than one instructor.

7)Create a form with –

FName from Students tables, LName from Students table, Grade from Students table, Email from Instructors table, Email address from Parents table, and MPhone from Parents table.

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