Help me to write a paper (Rough Draft, Working Draft and Final Draft)

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1. I need the paper in 3 files — Rough Draft, Working Draft and Final Draft. Just let my professor see the progress.

For this Rough Draft, look at the dilemmas, issues, and controversies on the subject and the way in which you’ll delve into these. This can be a few paragraphs, an outline, but give an overview of the complex arguments you’ll try to make here. I need the Rough Draft in 50 hours. This need to be at least 2 pages. Just delete some thing in the Final Draft.


Write a final essay answering the question “How should we live?” Within this broad question, you should also be answering the more implicit question of “How should we convince others to live?” Use what you’ve learned about rhetorical choices and audience to write an argumentative piece that convinces a specific group about how to address a dilemma in our modern society. While the prompt is broad, pick a narrow and specific subject based on the readings we’ve done throughout class that you can consider. Use our course texts as evidence to help support the point you want to make.

2. Reflection:

Reflect on the reading and writing you’ve done this week. What was difficult? What was easy? What was unexpected? What did you learn about your writing process and/or writing skills? Write at least three paragraphs exploring your writing. (1 page)

If you do well, I can give you some extra tips! Thank you very much!

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