Health/Nutrition Paper

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Hello I need a paper done for my Health/Nutrition class. The paper is about reflecting upon your dietary behaviors, actual intakes and recommendations. For the paper you need to follow an outline list (which I will attach) with 16 different items and reflect upon each of those. Each of those 16 items, need to have 5 points addressed to them in about a paragraph each. I will list those points below of what need to be addressed for each of the 16 items. I DO NOT need any outside sources in this paper, all the sources I need will be attached by me on different worksheets for each of the 16 items that you can use numbered 1-16. Please let me know if you have any questions while typing the paper.

Outline for each of the 16 items

  1. Discuss your actual level of intake or discuss the item in relation to the worksheet. Or if it is a worksheet, what was your score on the worksheet.
  2. Include the numerical recommendation for this item or how your score compared to the analysis included in the worksheet.
  3. Provide an analysis of your intake by including your numerical values and state if you need to make an adjustment. Provide an analysis.
  4. Add your reflection/reaction to where you are at this point and what behaviors you need to change if needed.
  5. Make recommendations in terms of specific foods to adjust your intake, based on your analysis.

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