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can be extremely beneficial for people living in isolated regions and
is currently being applied in virtually all medical domains. To address
major health issues related to affordability, access, and quality of
care, healthcare providers need to consider telemedicine as a reliable
option when access to traditional medicine is difficult and out of
reach. Healthcare providers, however, must consider legal and ethical
issues when planning, designing, and implementing telemedicine. Key
among these issues are those of patient confidentiality, privacy, data
security, and transmission.

  • How does telemedicine differ from the traditional medicine?
  • What are other legal or ethical issues involved in telemedicine?
  • Which of these issues, in your opinion, will be the most difficult to address?
  • What technologies or infrastructure are necessary for the successful practice of telemedicine?
  • What obstacles can prevent healthcare providers from
    seeing telemedicine as a reliable option, even when access to
    traditional medicine is difficult or out of reach?

Drawing on course readings or outside scholarly sources, support your answer with references, examples, and clear rationales.

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