health info and quality management homeowrk

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I will attach the lecture with the power point of chapetr 5 of “Introduction to Healthcare Quality Management, Third Edition Patrice L. Spath”. 2 pages APA style. No need for other sources since it is not a research.

Refer to Chapter 5 on Continuous Improvement and class notes where we discussed several quality improvement methodologies – Six Sigma, LEAN, PDSA, Baldrige etc.

Select the improvement model that would work best for the following performance problems. Explain your choices. NOTE: First state the model and then explain why the model/framework would be the most appropriate choice to address the performance problem. Performance problems can be addressed by multiple approaches but there is usually one good approach that may be most relevant. Provide a good rationale to justify your choice. Please submit your responses in a word document (upload a word document). Each question is worth 4 points.

1) More than 25 percent of the insurance claims submitted by a clinic are rejected because of mistakes made by the clinic’s billing clerk

2) Patients experience long waiting times and delays for outpatient diagnostic services

3) A large number of hospitalized patients develop a wound infection following surgery

4) Labor costs are too high in the radiology department

5) Patients overall satisfaction with the emotional support provided by nurses is lower than satisfaction levels reported for other hospitals.

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