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This assignment is an exercise program to include resistance, cardio , and flexibility. The goal is to create a program that you can use right now and throughout this class. For assignment 2, only enter information for week 1 and submit the file. As you progress through the course you will update this log by entering your progress at week 3 and again at week 6. The final assignment, “Personal Fitness Growth.” will include your activity at week 1, 3, and 6 to illustrate your progress through the term.

The exercises can be suited for home, playground/exercise park, or gym, etc. Location does not matter. What matters is that you consider what your needs are, create a SMART goal, choose appropriate activities for each component of health/body part, and perform them to meet your goals.

Review the sample file, however, you must use the Blank Template.xls file for this assignment and complete only 1 week of exercise. You may use the template as is or edit the file as needed to reflect your workout information (don’t plagiarize). Be sure to rename your file, so that it appears as A2Lastname_Firstname.xls. Please note that you will not need to add the .xls to the file name as it is already noted as the file extension. See the attached Assignment 2 – Instructions.docx file and grading rubric before starting.

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