HCA 311 Week 2 Assignment Cost Centers

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This file of HCA 311 Week 2 Assignment Cost Centers consists of:

Complete the Assignment Exercise 5-1 on page 360-361. Answer the questions in the text, and submit your responses to your instructor.

1.Have you worked with cost centers in your duties? If so, how have you been exposed to them?

2. Have you had to manage from a cost center type of report? If so, how was it categorized?

3. Do you believe that grouping expenses by diagnosis and procedures (based on type of services provided) is better to use for control and planning than grouping expenses by care setting (based on services provided)?

4. If so, why?

5.What grouping of expenses do you believe your organization uses (traditional cost centers, diagnoses/procedures, care settings, other)?

6.From your perspective, would there be a better grouping possible? If so, why do you think it is not used?

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