GWU TIPS Is Normally Adjusted in Regard to Consumer Price Index Questions

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1. Yields and Prices.

  1. (a) Define the following yield concepts:
    • Redemption yield
    • Par yield
    • Yield to put
    • Yield to worst
  2. (b) Can a zero and an otherwise identical, maturity-matched level-coupon bond ever have
    the same duration?
  3. (c) A 3M T-bill currently sells for 98:08 (what does this quotation mean?). Calculate its
    bond equivalent yield.
  4. (d) Calculate the discount yield of the preceding 3M T-bill currently selling for 98:08.
  5. (e) What does convexity measure and how is it used in the assessment of interest rate risk?

other questions in files.

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