Grantham University Computer Science Circuit Analysis Discussion

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Response 1: Just answer question and Response 2 is a discussion: just respond to it

Response 1

The maximum frequency that a digital circuit can operate is limited by the speed of the gates and flip-flops used in the circuit. There is propagation delay of gates that limit maximum speed of a gate. Can you do some research and tell what is setup time and hold time for a flip flop? 

Response 2

1. Frequency limits are important in digital integrated circuits because of propogation delay (the time it takes for an IC to give an output after recieving an input). Frequency must be limited so the inputs and outputs are able to align correctly so we don’t recieve incorrect output.

2. Complete response is the total behaviour of a circuit in response to stored internal and applied external energy. This is the sum of the natural and forced response of the circuit. The amplitude is determined by the magnitude of the function that is forcing the response and the form of the response is determined by the function providing impedance.

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