Grand Canyon Marketing Expenses Perceptual Map & Organizational Chart Analysis

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Marketing Expenses, Perceptual Map, and Organizational Chart Analysis

The Company is Chipotle

Part I – Marketing Expenses versus Rival Firms

  • Go to the Investor Relations page on Chipotle’s website as well as two of its primary competitor’s websites (Moe’s Southwest Grill and Qdoba ) and download the three form 10Ks for the respective firms.
  • Look in the Table of Contents of each Form 10K to find the pages that reveal the three firms’ marketing or advertising expenditures.
  • Prepare a comparative data table to consolidate this information.
  • Prepare a 250-750-word report to suggest implications for your company in terms of marketing or advertising expenditures going forward as needed to implement strategies.

Part II – Perceptual Map

  • Utilize your Strategic-Planning Template to develop the Perceptual Map for your company.
  • In 100-150 words, summarize the information and how it influences the firm’s strategy choices.

Part III – Diagramming Existing and Proposed Organizational Chart

  • Develop an existing organizational chart for your Chipotle. Please use numbers in your chart. Always number executive positions to reveal reporting relationships.
  • Develop a new and improved organizational chart for the firm. You may want to change the list given, adding and deleting positions as you deem necessary as well as changing certain titles.
  • Write a 250-500-word overview to detail the specific changes, associated costs, and recommendations you made.

Submit all parts of the assignment as one deliverable and please update the excel Strategic Planning Template

Please cite three to five relevant and credible sources in support of your content.

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