Graduate Level quantitative and qualitative research data

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Read Section 5 in the APA 6th Edition, if you haven’t already. Be sure you have a really good understanding of the differences between quantitative and qualitative data.

Use this paper for your Quantitative Data Research Source

Use this paper for your Qualitative Data Research Source

Your assignment consists of the following components:

First you will create two tables; one will display qualitative data and the second will display quantitative data. This activity is designed for you to pull data from research reports and present them in a table format using APA standards.


Here is a pdf copy of tables 5.3 and 5.16 used below Table 5.3 and 5.16.pdf

From the article that contains qualitative data, use the conceptual results of the research article and create your own qualitative table similar to Table 5.16 in the APA Manual 6th Edition.

From the article that contains quantitative data, use data found in the research articles and create a quantitative table such as Table 5.3 in the APA Manual 6th Edition.

Be sure to number and title the tables according to APA formatting standards.

Then, evaluate each article using the table provided here in

MGT575_Handout 2_Evaluation of Quantitative Research.docx


MGT575_Handout 3_Evaluation of Qualitative Research.docx

This activity is designed for you to read and understand the parts of a research report and to critique whether it meets the standards of a quality research process.


Write a narrative to discuss the articles and research findings.

The qualitative and quantitative data tables that you created should be integrated and synthesized with the narrative. 

You will introduce the table, display it immediately following the introduction, and then explain the table following the graphical display. Be sure to only submit one Word document in response to this assignment.

3-4 pages

Graduate Student Level APA Paper that has references for any opinions

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