Graded Assignment

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Dear writer, Please answer the following questions within
the word count limit provided.


Do you have any brothers or sisters? If so, tell us in one paragraph, what are
they like?
If not, tell whether you would like to have a brother or sister.
Use Gerunds after the verbs.(150 words)

2.Write two paragraphs (100
words each)about your shopping in
supermarket using countable
and uncountable nouns. Use the right
quantifiers and articles.


-Part A: Write two paragraphs of (100 words each)
about your best friend visit ( The place is UAE)to you last summer using the appropriate pronouns

-Part B: Rewrite the two paragraphs of (100 words
each) in the PASSIVE.

4.Write two paragraphs of
(100 words each) describing a car
accident that happened to you or your friend using the passive past tense.

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