Gender Stratification and Sexuality

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For this assignment you will write about gender stratification and sexuality.
For the past several years the topic of marriage has been prominent both in the news and in political discussions. Same-sex marriage has created quite a stir in America with its proponents saying it’s a civil rights issue and its opponents saying that it destroys the “sanctity of marriage.”
Where do you stand on the issue and why?
Apply relevant sociological concepts and theory to your analysis of this ongoing social issue. Who are the relevant players and why does this issue remain contentious? Make sure you support your position and analysis with factual evidence from at least 2 reliable sources, and specific examples.
•4 double-spaced pages (not including the cover or references pages), 12 point font, and APA format.
•Reference at least two outside sources in addition to your textbook, and cite your sources appropriately.

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