four short essays

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  • Each essay should be at least a half page double spaced but no more than two pages
  • Give a simple in-line citation for any cut n paste job (website, book title or magazine)
  • A bibliography is not necessary but will probably get you a few extra points if you need them.


  • What is word of mouth advertising? In what ways is word of mouth advertising the original market technique? What makes word of mouth the most trusted type of advertising? How does social marketing amplify W.O.M. advertising? What are their elements of W.O.M advertising? How do you use social and online to resources when making purchasing decisions (think Yelp! And Amazon customer reviews)? How effective you think On Dollar Shave Club & Blendtec effectively used W.O.M. to disseminate them marketing message.
  • Define and explain the value proposition (also called Brand Promise). How do marketers use the value proposition to differentiate their offerings? How do marketers use brand mantras? What are the elements of a great brand mantra? How do marketers use qualitative research techniques to gain consumer insights? What are some Alternatives a marketer can use to portray the brand’s personality? What is the role of emotion in creating promotions?
  • What are the unique characteristics of marketing services? How do markets address the challenges of each of these characteristics? What service quality ques that signal the customer? Explain the ‘continuum’ of product and service markets (every service as some product, every product has some service associated with it)? Explain the primary and secondary service packages using the Hotel industry as an example. Where is the greatest opportunity for differentiation (primary or secondary)?
  • What are some of the techniques firms use to grow their core business? Considered the GDPR enacted by the E.U. How have firms like Google and Facebook used these regulations to their strategic advantage? What are the three defensives marketers employ to guard against competition? Name and explain other competitive strategies firms use to grow market share?

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