Florida State College at Jacksonville Use of Corn as Livestock Feed Questions

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Imagine that you are a farmer that grows corn as a main crop and source of most of your income.

Assume that you have control over three potential uses for your corn crop which include:

  1. Ethanol production
  2. Livestock feed
  3. Corn syrup

Which of the above uses would you choose for your corn? Provide at least 3 reasons to justify your choice. Provide at least one reason for not choosing either of the other alternatives.

If given the choice, would you use groundwater or treated wastewater for irrigation and provide support for your choice.

You have the choice to use either synthetic pesticides to increase crop yield or some non-synthetic alternative pest control method(s) that might not give the same crop yield (Refer to pages 299-300 in your textbook). Which would you choose and provide justification for your choice.

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