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It’s time now for you to begin to demonstrate your ability to revise on your own, making wise decisions about your drafting so that each revision improves your work. For that reason, I will be looking at the first and second drafts (minimum) of the last Revision Assignment, The Imaginary Dialogue. If you managed to do more than two drafts by this time, bring them as well, and a clip to hold your work together.

For your Final Revision Assignment, a culmination of all your work for the class, you will be writing in a very useful genre called the fictitious or imaginary interview. All your skills will be on display as you design an interview with T.S. Eliot that answers this question:

Are we still in a wasteland?

You should preface your interview with a short essay that sets up your approach to the problem, your framework for the interview, one that also gets your purpose started, preparing the reader for a developing set of claims as you go back and forth in conversation with your interviewee, T.S. Eliot.

Over the course of your interview, you should draw as the interviewer on everything that you’ve written and learned so far: Arguments for/against you’ve found in other poets, your own experience, Eliot’s own words, etc. You should quote from the texts we’ve read, any that you yourself are familiar with, and you can cite current events.

You should follow the models I’ve given you for formatting, but the choices you make should be in keeping with your purpose. You don’t have to be accurate, photographic, or historically correct. What kind of attitude you have as the interviewer (and it must be a version of you and your voice, your style) is up to you, as is how you imagine T.S. Eliot. Just make sure the choices you make in both cases are true to your purpose. Just like the voices in your Imitation.

Notes:Format, desinged to be spoken, Every speaker have name. New speaker, New paragraph. How you conpose T.S Eliot and yourself? use first person as Voice over.

wasteland reference:

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