Film response on “Dior and I”

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The film I choose to do this assignment is “Dior and I”

Use Chicago sty

The final assignment asks you to choose one film (either Dior and I or The True Cost) and analyze it with reference to the ideas and topics we’ve talked about this term.

Focus your writing on only one film, not both.

Once you’ve chosen which film to focus on, you will analyze it with reference to our course topics and readings. You must explicitly refer to and cite specific course texts, which vary based on the film you choose to analyze and the type of argument you want to make. At least one text must come from the list below, and the others should come from the course syllabus (you can use additional sources beyond the syllabus but outside research is optional).

Required Readings (Choose one from this list)

  • Yuniya Kawamura – “Designers: The Personification of Fashion” (Week 13)
  • Cathy Horyn – “Raf Simons Speaks to Cathy Horyn on the Speed of Fashion” (Week 13)
  • Vanessa Friedman – “This Earth Day, Green is the New Denim” (Week 14)
  • Paolo Borges – “Brands Should Consider a Season-Less Show Model” (Week 14)
  • You can also cite the optional readings for Weeks 13/14 (Rees-Roberts, Friedman, Fletcher)

In your fashion film response of 600-700 words, discuss how your film communicates some larger social or cultural idea about the fashion industry and include analysis and evidence to demonstrate how your film communicates this. What does your film tell us about fashion as an industry and how does it accomplish this? What does it say? How does it say it? Summarize your argument about your film in a clear, one-sentence thesis statement.

The primary goal for this assignment is for you to demonstrate that you can connect the film to ideas from the course and that you can use those ideas to clearly and thoughtfully analyze your example.

You will be graded on how well you meet the requirements listed above and the following criteria:

  • A clear description and contextualization of your fashion film
  • A clear, one-sentence thesis statement that summarizes your argument about your film
  • A clear, thoughtful analysis of your film, connected to course topics and informed by analysis of course readings
  • Generous, explicit, and thoughtful connection to the sources of your research through citations
  • An introduction, conclusion, and bibliography formatted according to Chicago style
  • Clear writing and evidence of editing and proofreading

Intro to Fashion Studies – Fashion Film Response – Grading Rubric

Meeting Requirements (/20 points possible)

  • Referencing at least one reading from the required list of readings
  • Referencing at least two other relevant readings from the course syllabus, and outside research as applicable
  • Meeting word limit expectations (at least 600 words not including bibliography)
  • Including a bibliography formatted according to Chicago style

Quality of Writing (/60 points possible)

  • Writing that includes a clear, one-sentence thesis statement summarizing your argument
  • Writing that includes a clear introduction, supporting body paragraphs, and conclusion
  • Writing that clearly, thoughtfully, and fully explains what idea your fashion film communicates
  • Writing that explains how your fashion film communicates that idea using specific examples and analysis

Connections to Course Ideas (/60 points possible)

  • Explicit and clear connection to course readings and ideas from class, including the use of course terminology and concepts
  • Explicit and clear connection to your film and paper topic expressed using thoughtfully chosen, properly contextualized quotes and paraphrased information

Clarity of Writing (/10 points possible)

  • Evidence of proofreading and attention paid to typographical errors
  • Evidence of editing and attention paid to technical aspects of writing
  • Correct formatting of quotations, citations, and images according to Chicago Style

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