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Hodgman’s “No Wonder They Call Me a Bitch” (it’s a satire…relax…), Bissell’s “Thirteen Ways to Look at a Shooter,” or Laska’s “Empire of Ice.” read those topics and give feedback from those below written paragraphs. if you are agree with them then provide example with description , if you are not then also provide example with description. paragparh should not be less than 5 sentences. choose any two from below.

1. I chose “Thirteen Ways to Look at a Shooter.” This caught my attention because I enjoy playing shooter video games and I’m always interested to read the opinion of others on this. After reading the descriptive essay one would gather that the thesis is about how shooter games provoke a negative emotion. An example of this would be when the writer explains that “the goal was to make a real war game, something that felt cruel and strange and oppressive, but also genuinely exciting when it had to be, because every combat vet I know, including my shooter-hating father, has described how beautiful and oddly life-affirming combat can sometimes feel.” When you read through this essay one can clearly picture and paint an image in their head what the writer is describing. Especially when they talk about when they were in Iraq with the tracer rounds, the burning palm tree and the spiraling ground, all allows you to be able to visualize the words.

The second essay I chose is the “empire of ice.” After reading this essay one would get a real understanding of exactly what people have to endure in order to make a living working on the arctic oil rig. As soon as the writer gets off the plane he describes the cold weather so vividly that one might feel exactly how he’s feeling. Starting with his first breathe when he says “I took a breath and felt a sting in my lungs that might have been instant ice.” This gives a clear image of just how cold it is when one first step off the plane. The writer goes on to describe each move he makes and how dangers of every day life there are looming around every corner. Especially when he described the bear cages that were placed around the grounds where they were.

2. For the first article I chose Bissell’s “Thirteen Ways to Look at a Shooter”. As someone who wants to get a degree in game design and development, this article intrigued me greatly. Overall, the thesis of the article is that shooter video games today have become more about senseless violence to earn a profit, and promote inhumane and disgusting actions for the player to preform. As for the descriptive parts of the essay, two major examples can be given from both the beginning and the end. The first is in the opening paragraphs, where the authors describes the gruesome experience they had while watching a play test of Splinter Cell: Blacklist at E3, feeling both “sick and infuriated” at the torture the game promoted. Later, the authors gives another detailed description of a thought experiment on how a game they had planned to help with would have been made. From spiraling helicopters to “gorgeous green spears of tracer-light fire” this essay uses language that lets it fall under the category of a descriptive essay.

The second article I am planning to discuss is “Empire of Ice” by Laska. This essay is told from a first person perspective of events that take place on an oil rig. The thesis of this essay is that while seeming like a simple job we only do because of our desire and want for oil, living on an oil rig can be a hard, emotionally taxing job. Because it is told from a first person perspective, we get in detail descriptions of the environment; from the freezing cold winds to the beauty of the ice landscape. Inside of the oil rig, we are also told it is “squeaky clean and beige like so much of this place. On the whole, the camp has the cozy feel of a college dorm, or perhaps the too cozy feel of a submarine.” These details along with many others from this essay perfectly qualify it as a descriptive essay.

3. After reading Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Shooter I had a hard time finding a direct thesis statement. What I found is that the thesis statement is about the dark side of shooting games and why people want to create or play them. The author describes not only what he saw, but also the way watching it made him feel. He continues to describe games in ways that make the reader feel involved and uncomfortable. What is disturbing is the way that people felt unnerved by what they were playing, but at the same time it was “absorbing”. He also uses a metaphor saying, “It’s quite possible that shooters reveal that somewhere inside every human being is a shadow human being, one who kills and takes and does what he or she pleases.”

The thesis for Empire of Ice: Life on an Arctic Oil Rig is “Who are these people, and how do they get the oil out of the ground?” The story focuses on the job, but mostly on the men that work it. The author uses descriptive writing throughout to help the audience understand what the environment is like. She uses descriptive words to describe the weather and distance, “You have to pile on about twenty pounds of gear just to walk over to the rig, about half a football field away.” This brings the audience to feel the cold and understand there is a long way to go. She describes one of the men as “a weeble that wobbles but won’t fall down”.

Both stories were extremely descriptive. Thirteen Ways connected me by pulling me in on an emotional side where as Empire Ice did the same, but on a smaller level. Empire Ice made me feel more connected by the feel of the location, the relationships between the workers, and their desire to make money.

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