Family Assessment will provide Draft 18 pages

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In this component of your project, you will submit a rough draft of your Family Assessment Plan. The draft should be in a case study format. It should contain comprehensive background information as well as address the issue at hand. Your assessment plan should:

  • Identify the presenting issues facing your hypothetical family.
  • Analyze and evaluate your family with regard to:
    • How the family fits the changing definition and role of family within the broader social context.
    • The impact that roles, rules, values, and secrets have on your identified family.
    • How it is influenced by cultural, gender, ethnic, and socioeconomic perspectives.
    • How it is influenced by social, environmental, economic, and psychological factors.
  • Discuss the family dynamics in terms of a theoretical framework.
  • Discuss the family relationships, family systems, and any support systems that are available.
  • Delineate any special concerns of later-life families that relate to your family.
  • Describe the assessment tool you proposed using to evaluate the needs of the family.
  • Recommend an intervention plan that addresses the (likely) needs uncovered in the assessment.
  • Include your updated annotated bibliography.

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