experiential paper for alcohol abuse class

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Experiential Paper (10% of Overall Grade)

  1. Write a 750-word paper detailing your experience of giving up something of value for one weekend. You will select some substance, food, behavior, or habit and abstain from it for 72 hours. Record your experiences, thoughts, feelings, and actions in relation to the abstinence process and chronicle it in a paper. This exercise must be performed during this class and is not a recount of a previous experience. APA Format
  • Format
    • Separate title page (not part of word count)
    • 12-point font
    • Numbered pages
    • One-inch margins
    • Double spaced
  • Scoring Guidelines
    • Clear concise writing style with no grammatical errors – 25%
    • participation in experiential exercise – 25%
    • accurate representation of personal experience – 25%
    • Discussion of impact with and relation to course material – 25%

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