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Using the business scenario information provided by your instructor, each member of the group will identify and prioritize four critical business processes for each business area and perform a risk assessment following the Risk Assessment Form provided by the instructor and as identified by further research.


  • Your business areas should be well defined and appropriate to the case studies. The four critical processes per business area should be clearly explained and correctly relates to the case study.
  • You should conduct a risk assessment for the business area and four critical processes, ensuring that these are well defined and appropriate to the business scenario provided in your content area.
  • The risk assessment categories (columns) should be complete and measures clearly defined.
  • The mitigation strategy, additional measures, and contingency plan for the risk should be well defined and mapped to the business area and four critical processes.

  • Here is guidance on populating the spreadsheet:What is a business area in this
    scenario? Marketing, Human Resources, Payroll, etc. You are to list these (and
    you can use your own names or labels), then identify at least four critical business
    for each area (more than four processes needed for full credit
    -see grading rubric below). For example:

    • Creating billing invoices
    • Management company financial
    • Producing financial reports
    • Collecting customer payments

    After laying out at least four
    processes (these are just examples), you will then work through the matrix.
    Without this, it is hard to just take a generalized business area and provide
    mitigation steps. So, on your risk assessment spreadsheet, please ensure
    that you state the business areas and then provide at least four processes for
    each of these areas. You will then assess the risk for each of the four or more
    processes (man-made or natural) as you traverse across the matrix.

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