Ethical Self-Analysis, (5 pages), homework help

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Each paper must use the following headings:           

1. Self-Reflection.  In this section, ask yourself how you have responded to the important issues in your life in which you felt the need to make a choice either based upon moral values or based upon what you considered to be a proper decision.       

2.  Self-Analysis.  In this section, ask yourself why you responded as you did to the issues discussed in the previous section.       

3. Self-Interpretation.  In this section, ask yourself what category of ethical thinking you would put yourself in if you had to define your way of responding to dilemmas of an ethical nature; your interpretation should be consistent with what you have written previously. (If it is not, you need to explain why not.)       

4.  Self-Utilization.  In this section, show how you will put to use the knowledge you have gained about yourself in doing this exercise.

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