Ethical Companies

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Part 1
Regulations and Ethical Companies
Regarding the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX).
For this discussion, address the following:
• Consider whether the implementation of the SOX supports ethical behavior. Specifically, address Title 3 of SOX and whether you think SOX was effective for financial institutions in the recent financial crisis.
• Discuss, based on your experience, whether you think regulations work to maintain an ethical environment, or whether people are the central drivers of creating ethical cultures. Explain your reasoning.
Part 2
Case Study – Punishment and Settlement
Review Case 16, “Vioxx, Dodgeball: Did Merck Try to Avoid the Truth?,”(Attached)
In your post:
• Offer an opinion on the outcome of the case.
• Explain whether you feel the consumer has any responsibility.
• Explain the role of the FDA.
• Assess the punishment. Is it too much or too little? Describe an appropriate punishment.
• Explain an appropriate reaction to deter future behavior in any corporation.

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