Ethical analysis report

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Minimum 1500 words
Maximum 2000 words


Choose one ethical issue arising from the use of ICT that has been reported in the press in the last one year, and discuss it in depth. Checkout news sites below for additional ideas (choose a topic from them):

Show why or how the technology creates or contributes to the problem. Produce an article, discussing both sides of the issue (pros and cons) drawing on both technical and philosophical literature. In addition, argue for your own view of the matter, giving your reasons for your point of view and showing why you believe that they are better than opposing views.

You will be assessed on your ability to reason, analyse and present cogent argument for the particular case. You should outline the main statement you wish to make about your chosen ethical issue along with your reasons and others’ objections to it. You may use any appropriate technique to set out the basic structure of your article.

You are required to submit the following:

A comprehensive and coherent article containing your critical analysis of the ICT related ethical issue.

Your article should present the following:

– the main point(s) of the issue (What is an ethical issue in the selected topic. Ex: honesty, integrity, trust, harm, duty, professionalism, privacy, competence, and so on.)
– the pros and cons for the main point(s) (your reasons and objections as well as those of others) including a critique of the effectiveness of the arguments presented.

– conclusions logically drawn from the analysis presented.

– the ethics technique worksheet you used to form the basis of your analysis. [Use the technique described in the following reading: Simpson, R. et. al. (2003). Doing ethics: A universal technique in an accessibility context. AJIS, 10(2), 127-133. The article is also available from


All sources of information must be appropriately referenced using the APA style


– I have attached the Template.pdf file which is the ethics technique (DET) for setting the structure of this report as well as the ExplanationForTemplate.docx file which will explain more details and 1 small sample for it.

– I also attached the AssignmentSample.pdf which is the complete sample, you should do the report by combining the format of this sample and answer the questions in DET technique.

– The process to do the report is you choose the topic from those links above which reflect the ethical issues in ICT, then point out what is that issues (honesty, integrity, trust, harm, duty, professionalism, privacy, competence, and so on.), choose the suitable ethical theory: Deontology, Relativism, Consequentialism, Categorical Imperative (Kant’s theory).

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