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I need a 600-1000 word paper in APA format.

Col. Jessup (redux)

If you already have taken criminology at City U then you read a portion of a text by the sociologist, Durkheim, “Normal and Pathological”. This is a famous argument where Durkheim argues that crime and deviancy are not only normal for society but necessary. You also read a counter-point called “ Defining Deviancy Down” (Moynihan)- a more recent rebuttal but a very famous one, nonetheless.

In this course we have repeatedly discussed issues pertaining to the Noble-cause violations by “Noble Cause” professionals (military, police, medical, fire, counseling, ß all of the ‘ usual’ suspects).

Col. Jessup (Jack Nicholson’s character) in “A Few Good Men” argued strongly that society, essentially, demands and needs noble cause violators. Clearly, the authors of your text disagree, no? Having said all of that. I want you to assess this statement:

Are noble cause violations normal or pathological?

You need not necessarily reference Durkehiem and Moynihan but there may be analogies that you want to employ in your argument. You should also consider the points made in the ethics readings assigned. BUT…You are being assessed for this assignment on the logic you employ and not, per se, a scientific argument. The articles are provided for you but you are not required to use them. We have also provided important and relevant movie clips from the film. (see folder below)

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