ET 310 Grantham University Week 5 Circuit Analysis Lab Report

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Sinusoidal Steady State Analysis

This week’s lab is based on the sinusoidal steady state analysis using capacitive and inductive circuits in Multisim. You will learn to utilize Multisim to perform the mesh analysis.

1.In the frequency domain circuit below, determine the currents I1, I2 and I3.

2.Switch the places of capacitor and inductor and repeat step 2 to determine the currents.

3.Record the values in the table below:

Current I1

Current I2

Current I3







Step 2

Step 3 (Capacitor and Inductor Switched)

5.Construct the circuit above in Multisim.

a.Run the simulation to measure the currents I1, I2 and I3. (Use 5% tolerances for the resistor)

b.Perform Steady State AC Analysis and trace the voltage across the capacitor.

c.Find the average power, reactive power and apparent power supplied by the voltage source.  (Show calculated and measured)

d.Take the screen capture of all the measurements and the AC analysis.

6.Answer the following questions:

a.Are the measured values same as calculated values? If not, explain why they are different?

b.Explain if the circuit is linear or non-linear?

c.Compare the measurements of currents from step 2 and 3 and explain the differences?

d.What do you understand from the steady state AC analysis of this circuit?

7.Create a new word document called “Lab5_StudentID.docx” with your GID substituted into the file name.

8.Save the analysis from step 2 & 3 and simulation results from step 5 along with the table and screen captures of all the measurements. Make sure to answer the questions in step 6.

9.Upload file “Lab5_StudentID”.

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