estimating project costs

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Please read the attachment

(a) What are the pros and cons to using expert judgment when estimating the cost for this project? Which experts should Jacqueline contact? What type of information is she seeking related to costs?

(b) Jet on Demand has not worked on a similar project in the past. However, Jacqueline has extensive experience leading app development projects. Explain how she can use analogous estimating given her previous work experience.

(c) Discuss the value of using three-point estimating for this app project. Select three activities where this technique can be used, and perform the calculation. You will need to find the following estimates: optimistic, most likely, and pessimistic.

(d) Of these two estimating techniques, parametric and bottom-up, which one do you think might be of most value to Jacqueline’s team? Please justify your response.

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