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Give examples of the techniques of neutralization.

  1. If you conform to the tenants of the learning perspective why isn’t rehabilitation always successful?
  2. Which of the modes of learning is the most influential? Why?
  3. Are the problems with young celebrities an issue of the learning of deviance? Why?
  4. Is underage drinking and binge drinking in college a learned behavior or alcoholism (pathological)?
  5. Give examples of the types of corrective learning discussed in the text.
  6. What are the potential problems associated with preventive learning?
  7. Discuss the relationship between the learning perspective and the pathological. What are the similarities between the two?
  8. Discuss how the ideas of Cloward and Ohlin bridge the gap between the anomic perspective and the learning perspective.
  9. How does Sutherland account for the classical perspective in his 9 propositions on differential association?
  10. Analyze and discuss Hell’s Angels from the Learning Perspective.

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