Essay court security supervisor in the wake of a shooting

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Let us assume that you are a
court security supervisor in the wake of a shooting that took place four weeks ago inside a county courthouse that left two
officers dead and several others injured. The county you serve is outraged, and the political battle over who is to blame is
putting you squarely in the center of it all. You have been asked to prepare a report about the incident and to present the
plans you have for ensuring that this type of event does not occur again.

As you and a team of security officers are investigating the events preceding this tragic event, you discover that the shooter
was unnoticed as he slipped past the security checkpoint leading into the courthouse. This occurred because two of the
four security officers who were normally on duty at the checkpoint were not at work because their hours were cut due to a
budgetary shortfall. When you look at the budget that was submitted to the county commissioners for court security officers
and compare it to the actual budget that was approved, you see that your department could only afford to have a certain
number of full-time officers on staff. Therefore, some of the staff was reduced to part-time or laid off. With this information in
mind, you and your team begin to work on the report that has been requested.

Prepare a report in which you highlight a variety of initiatives that your department plans to take to rectify the mistakes and/or
shortcomings that caused a breach in security. In your report, be sure to address the following:

Highlight the budgetary concerns that you and your team noted.
Establish the importance of making courthouse security a priority by ensuring that enough money is allowed in the court
security budget to have a full staff of court security officers.
Identify the need for budgeting increases, training requirements, promotions, demotions, terminations, risk assessments,
and anything else that directly contributes to the effective management of your courthouse and your officers.
Describe how a partnership between your security officers, law enforcement personnel, and others within the security
industry will be instrumental in ensuring that such an incident never takes place again.

The report should consist of at least three pages. Citations are not required; however, if outside sources are used, make
certain to cite and reference your sources according to APA standards.

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