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Develop a plan to protect a towns water supply as a new major development moves in.


You are serving as an environmental engineer for Twin Trees engineering


The town of Jonesville and the company Super Bob


Super Bob wants to move into Jonesville and build a megamart. The only problem is that the mega mart is 600 feet from the cities water wells. What would happen if runoff from the parking lot would infiltrate the wells. The entire city would need a new water supply. However, there are other stake holders that are interested in the new jobs that the company will bring and helping the local economy. You job is to create solution that is a win-win for all stake holders.

Product or Performance:

Create a plan to collect rain runoff from the mega mart parking lot and divert it away from the cities well.

Standards for Success:

You final product will be a scientific drawing that includes the following.

  • Title and explanation
  • Concepts learned in this chapter
  • Ideas to address the problem.
  • Labeled
  • Must be easily read.
  • Grammar and spelling count.

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