ENV 121 Northern Virginia Community College Module 2.4 Urban Forestry Lab Report

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This lab assignment provides you with an opportunity to review the dynamic nature of biological communities and some ecosystem services they provide. You will also discuss the role of disturbance and resilience in ecosystems.



With a tree identification app (iNaturalist (Links to an external site.), PlantNet (Links to an external site.), Seek (Links to an external site.)), the resources below, and the new terms you’ve learned, identify, measure, and calculate the benefits of the trees right outside your home or school. Use photos to help describe your Biological Community. Answer following questions: 1) Is it resilient? 2) Is there a great amount of diversity? 3) Explain the dynamic nature of your community. Describe any ecosystem services it may provide. Your report should be no more than two pages.


Click the Next button below to submit your report for grading as an attachment (.doc or .docx). The Area in which you use to create the report can be any area within Northern Virginia/ DC area. follow the links to build out the report.

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