Entrepreneurship Module, management assignment help

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The assignment must be typed in MS Word, double space, font size 10 or 11, minimum length should be 2 pages.

Remember to properly cite all your sources using APA style.

Instructions: Think about a small business you would like to open up and using the information from:

· The Entrepreneurship Module and previous chapters

· The SBA webpage starting a new business: https://www.sba.gov/category/navigation-structure/starting-managing-business/starting-business)

o Click on the menu options on left-hand side of screen to find information

· The information presented in Chron article titled “What are the Key Elements of a Business Plan”, http://smallbusiness.chron.com/key-elements-business-plan-56006.html

· Any other outside resources you choose to use

Write an abbreviated business plan for your small business. You must include the following sections of a business plan:

· Executive Summary

· Market Analysis

o Discuss who your target market will be

o Who are your competitors

· Company Description

o Must also Include the structure of your company

§ Sole proprietorship

§ General Partnership



§ C Corporation

§ S Corporation

· Organization and Management

· How will you finance the venture


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