English Literature Scavenger Hunt

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Using the Internet, find the answers to the following questions. If you are asked to “find a picture” or “find a copy,” then include the actual picture in your answer space. You will need to draft responses in your own words and also include the URL that links to the source where you located your answer. Each of these questions will provide some contextual background for the reading assignments you will complete in this unit of class. You can submit the scavenger hunt to Dropbox: Unit III Scavenger Hunt (or email me if your file is to large to upload) by 11:59 p.m. Monday, April 25.

  1. Define Humanism. Include the prevailing ideas of the movement.
  2. Who is the father of the Humanism movement? Include a picture of him below.
  3. What contemporary organization exists because of the Humanism movement?
  4. Find a genealogical representation of the Tudor dynasty. Include that below.
  5. What was the religious affiliation of each of the Tudors?
  6. What is the Tudor Rose? Describe what it looks like, as well as what it represents. If you can find a picture, include it in your response.
  7. What famed HBO series fictionalized the monarchy in Renaissance England?
  8. Define the term renaissance. Why is this relevant to the prevailing ideas of the years 1500-1650?
  9. Who is considered a father of the Renaissance movement? Include his picture below.
  10. Share examples of art, literature, architecture that are identified historically with the period of the Renaissance. Paste the pictures here.
  11. Where did the Renaissance begin? Trace the progression of it through Europe.
  12. What significant technological advancement of the Renaissance made travel and trade easier? What name is most frequently associated with this development?
  13. Who were John Calvin and Martin Luther, and what role did they play in the Protestant Reformation?
  14. Identify the popes that led the Catholic Church during the Protestant Reformation. Find and include pictures of each.
  15. Which Tudors supported the Reformation?
  16. Find a picture of the Globe Theater. When was it built? What happened to it between then and the mid-1600s?
  17. Find a copy of the poem “To the Memory of My Beloved Master” and include it below. Who wrote it, and to whom was it dedicated?
  18. What is the “authorship debate” involving William Shakespeare? What other names are frequently mentioned as a part of this debate?
  19. Find a copy of Terrance Lindall’s Illuminated Scroll. Paste that image here and then explain its relevance to the unit we are going to study.
  20. What does the Latin phrase felix culpa mean? How does it relate to Christianity?

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