English grammar test needed quick

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1. Fill in the blank:
There are ______ hotels in the desert.

A: best
B: not many
C: this
D: little
E: none

Is it hot or cold in August?

A: In August is hot.
B: It is very hot in August.
C: It makes very hot in August.
D: Its quite hot in August.
E: It is hot in August, but the more hottest is July.

Do you brush your teeth after every meal?

A: Yes, I do.
B: I always brushing my teeth.
C: I twice a day brush my teeth.
D: Yes, I brush the teeth after every meal.
E: No, I dont. I brush my teeth once a day.

4. Fill in the blank:
Are you the president of this company?
No, ______

A: I are a secretary.
B: I am my employee.
C: he is the president of them.
D: I’m the secretary.
E: I’ve the vice-president.

Aren’t they coming with us to the party?

A: No, they’re not coming.
B: No, they are going with she.
C: No, they are coming in the party later.
D: Yes, they is coming with us.
E: Yes, there coming.

(Jack is making trouble)

A: Stop to make trouble Jack!
B: Is to be good Jack!
C: Not to make trouble Jack!
D: Be good Jack!
E: You are good Jack!

Where were you yesterday?

A: I were with your sister at the movies.
B: I was with he and she.
C: I wasn’t in town.
D: I wasn’t to the office.
E: I was at the home.

Which books are yours: these or those?

A: Those are my.
B: Mine books are these.
C: They are mine.
D: Those are my books, and these are yours.
E: These books are mine; those are of John.

9. Fill in the blank:
The glass ______ water is on the table.

A: to
B: of
C: with
D: a
E: inside

10. Fill in the blank:
We are going to a party at the Shen’s house. ______ house is on Fifth Street.

A: Our
B: This
C: A
D: Theirs
E: Their

11. Put the phrases in the CORRECT ORDER:
with is going to lunch her she

A. with
B. is
C. going to lunch
D. her
E. she

(For example, type [img src=”http://www.easyenglish.com/images/bcdea.gif” alt=”bcdea” width=”63″ height=”24″> in the box.)

12. CHANGE the word TO PLURAL:

13. Choose the CORRECT RESPONSE:
How much is a plane ticket to Rio de Janeiro?

A: It’s not much.
B: Oh, it’s very very.
C: It’s most than a ticket to Hong Kong.
D: It is many money.
E: Is a lot.

14. Choose the CORRECT RESPONSE:
How was the movie last night?

A: Was fantastic.
B: It was better then his first movie.
C: It was a action movie.
D: The movie was very long and very boring.
E: The movie was science fiction kind.

15. Fill in the blank:
Peter, you can have ice cream ______ you eat your dinner.

A: before
B: after
C: until
D: since
E: while

16. Fill in the blank:
Once upon a time, ______ three bears who lived in a forest in a little red house near a brook.

A: were
B: was
C: are
D: there were
E: was there

17. Fill in the blank:
______ you like?
I like grapes and figs.

A: What kind of fruit
B: How many fruit do
C: Types of fruit do
D: What type of fruit do
E: What kind fruit do

few mexicans drink italian wine.

19. Change the (verb) to the past tense:
Veronica (drinks) only spring water.

20. Fill in the blank:
______ the answer?
Yes, the answer is twenty eight.

A: Know you
B: Do you know
C: Are you knowing
D: You know
E: Knowing you

21. Fill in the blank:
______ your new job?

A: Do you like
B: Like
C: Are you liked by
D: Like you
E: You like

22. Which is the correct way to write the following?
1 + 1 = 2

A: one more one is two
B: one more one equals two
C: one plus one, two
D: one and one am two
E: one plus one is two

23. Choose the CORRECT QUESTION:
I’m going to work.

A: Why are you going?
B: What are you going?
C: Where you going?
D: Where are you going?
E: Were are you going?

24. Fill in the blank:
Do you ever talk to ______?

A: myself
B: itself
C: herself
D: yourself
E: themselves

25. Fill in the blank:
Anna told me a very ______ story.

A: interestingly
B: interest
C: interests
D: interested
E: interesting

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