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For this week’s discussion, answer the following question from your readings: Do you believe emoticons contribute positively or negatively to writing?

Your answer should be at least 150 words and at least one complete paragraph. You should make direct references to the reading, using at least one quotation of 1-2 sentences from the text Attached Files) to prove your point. Quotation marks MUST be used around any quoted material and an in-text citation should accompany the direct quote. Use pages 433-434 of your textbook ( attached Files) for help with APA formatting. Because we will be quoting from the reader selection written by Judith Newman, whose writing was published by James Reinking and Robert von der Osten, the APA formatting has been modeled below because it needs to be formatted differently than if it came from a text written by Judith Newman.

Example Answer

In her essay, “If You Are Happy and You Know It, Must I Know It, Too?” Judith Newman asserts that emoticons “don’t always read the same way across different technical interfaces” (as cited in Reinking and von der Osten, 2011, p. 509). Her assertion was followed up with a comical scene of a client running around his office asking for interpretations of an emoticon gone wrong. Her assertion is not without support. Emoticons certainly do not translate across all platforms with some emoticons resulting in confusion, bewilderment, or even insult. Furthermore, just because emoticons are new to the written language, it does not mean they have earned a place in professional and academic environments. Instead, emoticons should be reserved for personal, informal communications. Using emoticons sparingly and in the appropriate environments will ensure more accurate and professional communications while avoiding grievous insults as well.


Reinking, J. A. and von der Osten, R. (2011). Strategies for Successful Writing: A Rhetoric, Research Guide, Reader, and Handbook. New York, NY: Prentice Hall.

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