ENG101. “What does it mean to be American?”

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Read https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2014/us/the-way-north.html?_r=0#p/39

Question 1

– Identify three of the responses you agree with and why Summarize the point and the speaker by name or by description if that helps. For example, “To have a better understanding of other cultures” by Chris Muoa, Army Reserve. Because American is made up of many cultures, unlike in other countries, there can not be one culture that is given privilege over another-that’s real democracy.

Question 2

– Identify three responses you do not agree with either wholly or partially. Summarize or quote the point (so that it is easily identifiable). You can add the speaker if you think that provides clarity.

For example, 1 “Being an American is very different. When I was in Africa, I could only eat once a day. Here I can eat as often as I want” by Ms. Mahoro from Congo .

2. Not all Americans get to eat as often as they want. We have many individuals, families, and children who go hungry every day. This is the land of opportunity for some but for others, economic deprivation is crippling.

Question 3

Identify at least two responses that contradict each other. Identify who spoke, what they said, and how those ideas contract. Then write a few sentences about who side with and why.

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