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Application: Emotion, Observation, and Motivation

Emotions, like motivations are our body’s adaptive responses and increase our chance of survival. According to the James-Lange theory, a physiological response is followed by an emotion. As such, “we feel sorry because we cry, angry because we strike, afraid because we tremble” (James, 1890, p. 1066). Another popular theory, the Cannon-Bard theory, argues that emotion and the body’s response happen simultaneously. Hence, your heart starts pounding as you are feeling fear. Although these theories seemingly contradict, both show that our emotions and motivations are intimately intertwined.

For this week’s Assignment, think about a person you admire and some of his or her achievements. Consider some of the motivations and emotions that propelled them to success.

Submit by Day 7 a 3- to 5-page paper with three sections:

Section 1: Evaluate a specific achievement of an individual of your choosing. Analyze the person’s achievement through the models of motivation.

Section 2: Describe the relationship between motivation and emotion. Be sure reference the scholarly resources you located in last week’s assignment to support your answer.

Section 3: Suggest the methods of analysis you could use to conduct a research study to learn more about the relationship between motivation and emotions.


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