Electronic Surveillance Warrant Assignment

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First, read the NPR article “The CIA Document Dump Isn’t Exactly Snowden 2.0. Here’s Why” which explains the CIA’s response to the Snowden/Wikileaks scandal. The article explains how the CIA reassured Americans that the CIA is “legally prohibited from conducting electronic surveillance targeting individuals here at home, including our fellow Americans, and CIA does not do so.”

Second, explain and identify the requirements of a search warrant. Cite the constitutional requirements and what critical elements must be found prior to the issuance of a search warrant ANDincluded in the search warrant itself. Be specific.

Third, find an example of a U.S. electronic surveillance investigation. Describe the investigation, including the facts or circumstances that led to the development of probable cause, what law enforcement actions were taken and, most importantly, what made this investigation legal or illegal. Explain your analysis with critical thinking and detailed explanation.

Craft an articulate and thoughtful analysis based upon the above prompts. Your response should be supported by citations to both course materials and references to your personal research. The finished product should address all of the elements addressed in the prompts with detail.

Your response should not exceed 750 words.

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