Effectiveness of clinical diagnosis and management of malaria in children in sub-Saharan Africa.

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TOPIC: A systematic review: Effectiveness of clinical diagnosis and management of malaria in children in sub-Saharan Africa.

INTRODUCTION – approximately 500 words


  • Give a brief overview of the topic. (Reference each point)
  • Explain why the topic is important (justification) reference each point.
  • State the aim (1) and the objectives of the project (max 6), e.g. a review of the surrounding literature on… a systematic review of the primary research; a discussion of the results – linked to nursing)
  • The research questions

LITERATURE REVIEW – approximately 700 words

This is an in-depth critique and exploration of the topic and its associated issues. Look at all relevant research around the topic.

  • Start with a brief background to the topic question ( reference accordingly).
  • Include statistics and links to a higher policy like WHO, DH. NICE etc.
  • highlight the key issues and theoretical issues, surrounding the topic relating to your research question (leading to the gap in knowledge). Reference needed
  • It will include key pieces of research.
  • It should ideally relate to nursing practice and impact.

METHODS AND ANALYSIS – approximately 1300 words

  • Explain what a systematic review is and its purpose. (reference each point).
  • Who are the Review team?
  • Information sources – Which databases have you used?
  • Which search terms have you used? You can put in a table with MEsH headings.
  • Review question – Detail PICOTS or PEO ( reference points accordingly).
  • study design. Explain what type of research you are looking for: such as RCTs, quantitative qualitative, mixed methods and why. (Reference each point).
  • Inclusion and exclusion criteria- explain each term (reference needed).
  • discuss why chosen in details – you can put into a table.
  • Study screening, selection and data extraction ( reference each point).
  • Study feasibility (reference your points).
  • Quality assessment (reference your points).
  • Assessment of risk of bias and grading strength of evidence (reference needed).
  • Data synthesis and statistical analysis (reference each needed)
  • Discussions and research outcome.
  • Cost and funding.
  • Timeline.
  • Ethical approval and dissemination.

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