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Discussion Response 150 word each question

1. Because I work in finance / accounting fields, Excel worksheet is critical to work or manage countless data and in order to organize all the data and worksheet properly, it is very important to set a rule to manage them. From my experiences, I stored all the related data in one file but organized them according to the time period, name, or title. For example, after paying all the bills, I usually make several files and type month per worksheet making it easier to find what I want to see.

When you update one file daily, weekly, or monthly base, it is good way to remember when you update the file by inputting the updating date in the file name. What I do is using _ like “salefile_20170125_Min”. By doing so, you are able to know when the file was updated, who update the file, what information you are able to find by opening the file.

One of good things about 2013 Excel is that you are able to refer to the other worksheets to get specific cell’s number or information. For example, suppose you need some numbers from worksheet 2 for your worksheet 1, you can input formula by using worksheet 2’s cell information for reference. What you need to remember is that you should lock the cell by using F4 to get same results every time you drag the formula in the worksheet 1.

2. There are a couple of different ways, one can manage your worksheets. If you notice towards the bottom of the status bar you will by default see “Sheet1” on a new document, this is the place where you can have multiple worksheets in the same document. You can add another sheet (or as many as you’d like) by pressing the “+” button next to the sheet tabs. Once you have over 10 sheets on the same document (or you no longer have any space due to name of the sheet), you will notice the arrows on the far left will highlight saying you can scroll through the different sheets (left or right).

If you right click on the sheet tab it will give you different properties such as renaming a sheet, deleting, hide, unhide, etc. If you have a document that is continuously updated and evolves, or if you want to save old data, you can hide individual work sheets that way you have your old data that you can always reference (without taking up space). You can also fill the colors of different tabs if you want to get creative.

A user can “pull” different tabs as windows, by left clicking on a tab, holding down (on the mouse button) and dragging it out of the “tabs”, it will then become its own separate window if you want to work on two spread sheets side by side. However, the sheets need to be minimized within the Excel program in order for you to do that. Formulas that reference another worksheet within the document will still work even if it’s not a tab at the bottom. You can even pull the sheet into a new Excel document if you want to save it independently.

Using the same “drag and drop” method, you can also rearrange the order of the tabs by dragging it and placing in the spot that you want.

These are all skills that I have learned throughout my years working with Excel, which I really like because it will make your life super easier (especially having the different sheets side by side). This is where having dual monitors is a life saver or if you split the window between the two sheets.

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