Education System

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What does the class think of the quality of our current education system? Would any changes improve that quality? How well does your state fare with education overall?

As a previous and sometimes public school teacher, I would love to see more hands-on classes that are teaching skills to students. More gardens, more life skills, more trades, more students being taught how to provide and run their own school so that they know a variety of steps in the process of seeing a goal through every step to the end (and making it there with a balanced budget). What are your ideas?

Unfortunately I know several teachers who have quit this profession for various reasons–the increased work load despite the low pay,teaching to “the test” and the lost joy of teaching, huge class sizes, and other issues that start to affect their health. Last year I had to stop two fights in my classroom. What a sight, considering that most of my students tower over me. A teacher once told me that students who get love at home come to school to learn. The ones who don’t, seek that love or attention at school. I was giving a whole lot of LOVE last year!

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